Tesla Cybertruck is here: 7 key new things we learned

Tesla has delivered its first Cybertrucks, and now we finally know the SUV’s price and trim details. You’re not dreaming: Tesla Cybertruck is actually available. What “available” means is up for debate, though. At an event in its Texas Gigafactory, Tesla delivered its first Cybertruck vehicles, and revealed the steely SUV’s price and trims (hint:…

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U.S. judge blocks Montana’s TikTok ban

The judge considered it to violate the Constitutional right to free speech. TikTok fans in Montana can scroll through their For You page with a sense of relief today. A U.S. judge has blocked the state’s ban on the video sharing app, finding that the bill is likely to be unconstitutional. U.S. District Judge Donald…

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How to help your son navigate the manosphere

Three strategies for helping your son develop critical thinking skills. Gary Barker believes parents are inadvertently ceding too much ground to digital culture influencers who may not have their sons’ best interests at heart. As the president and CEO of the nonprofit think tank Equimundo, which promotes gender equality, Barker spends much of his …

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